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What Moves Everett Schools 

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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the What Moves Everett Schools Project! 


Who are we?

  • Green Streets Initiative is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote healthy, active, and environmentally friendly ways of getting around Greater Boston! We love highlighting people who use different types of transportation and showing just how important they are to every community. We are collaborating with the City of Everett Planning Department to manage this project. 

What’s the project for?

  • This project aims to collect information on behalf of the City of Everett about the various ways students, faculty, and staff get to and from school. We want to understand any challenges they may face, and showcase the various ways of commuting around Everett.

What are the parts to this project?  


  • Survey: We will be administering a 4-5 question survey to all Everett students in schools at the beginning of April. (The survey was administered in April 2023.)


  • Transportation Conversations: We also will be talking to 20 students and faculty/staff through video conversations about school-related transportation. These conversations will take place on Zoom and are roughly 20-30 minutes long. We will then create a webpage of 30-second snippets from these conversations that showcases the voices of Everett students and faculty/staff who travel in active ways. Everyone who signs up will be entered into a raffle for a $50 Target gift card! (The conversations were recorded in Spring 2023.)

How can I participate in a Transportation Conversation? (Survey and Conversations ended in Spring 2023).

  • Please fill out a form letting us know you are interested.

  • Parents and Guardians for Grades K-5: Click here

  • Students and Parents/Guardians in Grades 6-12 and Faculty/Staff: Click here

  • Once we select the 20 people to have conversations with, we will then ask that parents and guardians sign a media release form before students participate. Faculty, staff, and students 18 or older may sign their own.​​


Has this kind of project been done before?

Who can I reach out to if I have questions?

Thank you for your help in making Everett a safer community for all road users!

Project Information

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