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Green Streets collects commuter data from participants who log a commute every month to calculate our community's impact and to share informative stats. Below are examples from our 2019 Challenge.

2019 Participants by Home Zip & Work Location

(Click on the map and pins below to explore how your neighbors get to work)

Mapline_2019 Participants by Home Zip _

2019 Commute Database (click on Data Studio link)

(Explore commute times in minutes from home zip or town to work area by mode, as reported by participants)

Mode Share by Town (top 20 home towns of Green Streets participants)

(Click on the Google Data Studio link at the bottom right of the image to access the chart)

 2019 Commuter Challenge Results  - April through October

(click on the Google Data Studio link on the bottom right for a full view and take a look at page 2 of the chart for mode details)

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