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What Moves Everett Schools

To understand the Everett, Massachusetts Public School Community's to and from school commutes and how the city could improve them, Green Streets was hired in Spring 2023 by the Everett Planning Department to conduct this groundbreaking study examining the commuting habits of the Everett School District. 


  • Survey: Green Streets surveyed the Everett School District’s K-12 students (the city already had data on how faculty and staff commute) about the ways in which they travel to and from school. We also asked them how they would like to travel, and what stops them from doing so. 

  • In-Depth Conversations: Green Streets recorded video conversations with 19 Everett students, faculty and staff, and parents and guardians about their commutes to school. 

  • Final Report: This report includes quantitative survey findings, qualitative video conversation findings, along with data collection methodology.


Scroll down to see snippets of these videos, a map of the schools across the city, a summary of findings and data, and more! 


Faculty and Staff

High School Students

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  • Everett is located just north of Boston.

  • In 2022-2023, Everett Public School's enrollment was approximately 7,300 students from PK - 12th grade (MA Department of Education, 2023).

  • According to the Everett Planning Department, the most common languages spoken in the schools are English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Portuguese.

  • A small sample of statewide data from MA Safe Routes to Schools shows that 2% of MA students bike to school and 18% walk. Here is how Everett compares

Elementary and Middle

School Students, 

and Parents/Guardians