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Our Story


Green Streets Initiative is a Cambridge, MA-based organization, founded in 2006.


Our mission is to help employers, neighborhoods, and cities improve the overall health and vibrancy of their communities and the greater populace through the promotion of environmentally-friendly modes of travel such as walking, bicycling, and public transportation.

We produce interactive webpages that present qualitative and quantitative data about the joys and obstacles of using such modes to the public, planners, and other leaders, in order to inform transportation initiatives and decisions.


Green Streets is proud to say the ball has started to move. Municipalities and organizations are spearheading change after What Moves Us feedback from their communities. Likewise, people who participated in Walk/Ride Days have consistently shown shifts to more sustainable and healthier transportation. We see the numbers of cyclists continue to rise and their advocacy for better bike infrastructure is gaining strength, which, in turn, invites more biking.


As the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and public health needs have forced us to re-examine the way we get around, it has been a perfect time for the public and professionals to understand the delights and hurdles of healthy and environmentally-friendly transportation. The momentum is here, and the need is still great. We at Green Streets are excited about helping Boston and other cities become healthier, greener, and more livable.

Approach and Impact



Research-backed process

With the help of social scientists and the latest research, we have honed our approach to empowering individuals. 

Change is


We believe in the power of the nudge, and our programs reflect just that--a powerful educational mechanism for positive change.

It starts with just one commute

We are here to help you explore and celebrate the many transportation options available to you. From the T, to biking, to walking, to rideshare, and everything in between, getting around can be fun!

Empowered to


Commuters empower others through conversation and transportation advocacy. This heightened awareness inspires everyone from car drivers to hardcore cyclists to think about the impact of their commute.

Reaching everyone

Our projects inspire exploration, understanding, and change among all kinds of commuters and community members.


Walk/Ride Days have helped me see myself as part of a bike commuting community rather than an individual making the decision to bike to work. 

I've been biking to work since 2010 but this program has helped incentivize my behavior even more.


I'd be walking to work whether or not there were Walk/Ride Days. It is kind of a nice affirmation of what I'm already doing. 

I've been running to work for over 10 years, so I feel that the Walk/Ride Days are well overdue as a way to recognize the efforts of those of us who have been making healthy commutes.


I check-in because it's a wonderful way to examine your own commuting habits and get a sense of how your peers and those you work with get around everyday.


Transit Users

I'm from rural Wisconsin where you need a car to get everywhere, and I purposely focused my job search on large cities with public transportation because I don't want a car. Walk/Ride Days always made me feel good about that decision.

I take the time that I spend walking to unwind from the day and it automatically fits in three miles of exercise to my day, which is great when I generally sit for a large portion for the rest of it!

Walk/Ride Days help me clear my head and provide me with personal time to reflect.

Wellbeing Advocates


Walk/Ride Day inspires and reminds me to be green not only through walking places but also by recycling and being conscious about electricity and water use.

Walk/Ride Days helped me reach out to other people at work and encourage them to commute more sustainably.


Transportation Curious

It has given me an opportunity to talk with colleagues about transportation, environment, and lifestyle issues. 

Walk/Ride Days have made me question my decision to work so far away from home, as driving/sitting in traffic is so stressful for me. 


As a result of Walk/Ride Days, I now alternate walking and taking a bus instead of driving 5 days a week. I also try to walk more on weekends instead of driving.

Looking at the map of my commute, I realize that it's not that far, which is why I started running to and from work 1-2 times a week. 

Seniors and Youth

Now in my early 70s, my bike is how I get to appointments, to classes, and errands.

People aren't going to do it if it's not fun!

Our History

2023: Launch of What Moves Everett SchoolsWhat Moves Frisoli Youth Center, and What Moves Dorchester Cyclists, along with the development of What Moves Cambridge Health Alliance (Malden, MA clinic and office locations).

2021-2022: Development and launch of What Moves Us program

2021: Green Streets Initiative becomes a founding member of the Memorial Drive Alliance

2013-2019: Annual Awards Celebrations hosted by Boston City Hall, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, MA State House, EnerNOC, Volpe Center, MA Department of Public Health

2017: Green Streets wins Greenovate Boston’s Sustainable Mobility Award

2013: MBTA features Walk/Ride Day Posters, sponsored by Lesley University, Mt. Ida College, and Millenium Pharmaceuticals.

2012: Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge launched

2011: Lieutenant Governor and MBTA General Manager Participate in Walk/Ride Day event and Green Streets called a "local treasure" by Health & Human Services Secretary Dr. JudyAnn Bigby in HHS article; Tufts Urban and Environmental Planning Study Documents Walk/Ride Day Impact

2010: Green Streets and Post Office Launch Best-Shoveled Block Contest and in Harvard Square Business Assn Hosts First “Go Green” Breakfast. Green Streets partners with City of Somerville, MA and is selected by MassDOT for Clean Air and Mobility Funding grant to spread Walk/Ride Days to 6 communities and create Corporate Challenge

2009: Director interviewed on “One Guest” (WGBH) and by Ciclismo TV:  The Car-Free Mom. Green Streets West Bridgford (U.K.) founded.

2007: Green Streets starts in Portland, Maine, inspires Bike Fridays in Boston, is featured in local press, receives Cambridge “GoGreen Business Award”.

2006: Walk/Ride Days Begin in Cambridge Schools. Green Streets Receives Cambridge’s Golden Shoe Award.

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