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Participant Voices

These participants kindly shared a few words on the impact Walk/Ride has had on their lives.

We would love to hear your story as well! If you're interested in sharing, please fill out the fields on our "Share your story"  page. 

Gaia from MDS.jpeg

"The Walk/Ride day community in our office is very strong and active and I was inspired to make a switch to cycling to work in order to reach our firm's goal of ranking #1 in the Challenge for healthy switches"

- Gaia, Miller Dyer Spears

Felicia from DPH with Colleague.jpg

"Walk/Ride Days are a gentle reminder to think green and consider my other options for the commute. I get in my routine and don’t really think about carpooling until I get the check-in email from your program.

- Kathryn, Mass. Dept of Public Health

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 4.14.24 PM.png

Walk/Ride Day inspired me to take alternative transit today (T and walking 2 miles). Thank you! 

- Douglas Clark, Biogen 

Nicole Scales.jpg

I took my son on the Shuttle bus for the first time and to see the excitement on his face was just fulfilling to my spirit.  Something so simple as a shuttle bus ride brought joy to a 3 year old.

- Nicole Scales


I almost always bike to work. It's an easy 5K and on hot/humid days, I bike very slowly so I'm not a complete mess when I arrive. I don't bike if I have plans after work, if there are storms predicted during commuting times (although I have been caught in thunderstorms more then once), or if there is snow/ice on the ground. On days I don't bike, I take the bus (or commuter rail post work if I am headed into Boston). My bike route from Fresh Pond to Belmont Center is: Concord Ave to Fresh Pond. I cross back over to Concord Ave by Trader Joe's. I take a slightly different path home because I don't want to take a left onto Concord Ave from Belmont Ctr on a regular basis (that intersection is a hazard in a car).

- Audrey, works in Belmont Center

2018-11-05 (3)_edited.png

"The Walk/Ride Day Challenge is motivating! Once I got started I realized my commute time was only marginally longer, much less stressful, and allows me to get my exercise in. One day I had a flat tire and learning that the buses had racks on them made me more relaxed about riding in threatening weather."

- Becky, ACIS Educational Tours


"Walk/Ride Day triggered me to change my commute in April. I drive only in the winter. In the spring, summer and fall I always take the bus. Walk/Ride Day was my reminder to return to my typical spring commute when the Challenge kicked off in April."

- Sumiko, Takeda Pharmaceuticals


Getting involved with Walk/Ride Day introduced me to coworkers’ alternative commutes. Learning that a lot of people bike to my workplace reassured me that even though there definitely aren’t continuous or well-defined bike lanes, there are only very small portions that involve biking in really unsafe road setups (i.e. complicated intersections, being right in the car lane with cars).

-Lauren Brill, works in Kendall Square

Susi at Forge - Susan Margot Ecker.jpg

"Years ago I had a 1 1/2 hour commute from Belmont MA to Chelmsford that involved taking a bus to the T, taking the T to the commuter rail, being picked up by a colleague at the train station + driving in together from there. I discovered that if I rode my bike, my commute was still 1 1/2 hours long, but I only had one mode of transport, didn't depend on anyone else + I loved the time on my bike for exercise, clearing my head, enjoyed the scenery along the way + started off my day feeling great!"

- Süsi Ecker, Green Streets workplace coordinator


"On walk/ride day I try to give myself extra time so I can walk instead of taking the bus. My walk to and from work gives me a chance to be outside and is not much longer than my bus commute." 

- Sarah Perlee, Dana-Farber

Stephanie Correia Lesley University.jpg

Walk/Ride Days serves as the reminder that I need to get more exercise. I usually drive, but on Walk/Ride Day I take the train and walk. I enjoy the movement more than driving.

- Stephanie Correia, Lesley University

Jeff Shearstone_Syros.jpg

Jeff takes part in the Walk/Ride Day Challenge at Syros Pharmaceuticals. He bike commutes 2x per week 40 miles from Framingham to Cambridge 9 months of the year: “Riding my bike to work allows me to commute on my own terms and provides physical and mental relief from the typical commute.”

- Jeff, Syros Pharmaceuticals

Virginia Talbot.png

I make a big effort in everything that I do to minimize my impact on the environment. I try to walk or bike when possible, and otherwise take the T or the bus. However this summer I had a temporary position in Boston's Longwood Medical Area, which is difficult to reach from Cambridge via public transport. I looked into biking but I didn't feel comfortable with some of the Boston streets I would be riding on - it's just not safe enough. I ended up using a combination of walking or biking to the T station or Harvard shuttle bus stop and taking the train or bus.

- Virginia, Lesley University

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