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What moves your community?

The way people travel within a community powerfully impacts its culture and happiness, as well as success in attracting and retaining residents and others. Listening to the voices and insights of all community members is vital for equitable active transportation access. 


We can help move your community there.

We offer an engaging program that will make your community members excited to embrace sustainable and active transportation.

What We Provide

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Bike Fixing

Facilitation: Support

Providing networking and education that inspire members towards more sustainable, healthy traveling that is accessible and enjoyable for all.

Business Meeting

Data: Surveys

Baseline and post-project surveys so the municipality understands community members’ traveling habits to gauge intervention impacts. These statistics can be incorporated into the community’s What Moves Us webpage.

Sharing transportation stories and perspectives, along with possible opportunities to travel in new ways and with others builds community, camaraderie, and connection, all of which improve the overall experience of living, working, shopping, or recreating in your community.


Sustainable travel leads to healthier, happier, more resilient, and connected community members. They also reduce their (and your community’s) carbon footprint, parking needs, and transportation expenses.

Ensuring that we are representing diverse backgrounds and transportation methods in our conversations is our number one priority. We strive to lift up all voices.

“We felt that the student population often doesn't get surveyed when it comes to these kinds of studies. Doing this project in our schools will be a good way to gather information that, frankly, other places just don't really have.” 

             -Eric Molinari, Transportation Planner, What Moves Everett (MA) Schools         

Recent What Moves Us Projects:

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Why Green Streets Initiative?


Since 2006, Green Streets Initiative has helped thousands of people, dozens of organizations, and many communities understand and benefit from healthy and sustainable commuting and travel, involving all modes from transit, carpooling and biking to walking and even running. We help enable people to go from “we should” travel more sustainably to “we get to”, making new community connections and increasing their happiness.

Excited to bring What Moves Us to your community?

Reach out to us so we can provide information on costs and how we can customize our approach for you.

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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