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What Moves
Boston Area Active Commuters

As a way to humanize car-light commuters and inspire others to join them, 
we interviewed* Metro Boston folks who commute by foot, bike, bus, train, and every mode in between. The snippets below showcase their voices and hopes for the future of "green" transportation. 

If you are interested in showcasing the green commuting members of your workplace, religious organization, or other community group, click here for more information.

What changes would you like to see that would make your commute better?

Why do you enjoy your commute?

How did you start using green transportation to commute?

What tips do you have for those interested in switching to a green mode of transportation?

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* The responses above were selected from a dozen questions asked in this pilot “What Moves Us” page. Questions can be tailored to clients’ needs in future “What Moves Us” projects.