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What Moves Everett Community Transportation Fair 

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On June 8 2024, we helped the City of Everett, Massachusetts host the city's first Transportation Fair, a vibrant and engaging event that brought together the community to celebrate and explore sustainable transportation options. Held at 7 Acre Park along the Northern Strand Trail, the fair was a resounding success, with hundreds of attendees including Everett residents, regional visitors, and friends of Everett.

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One of the day’s highlights was the raffle, which offered exciting bike-related prizes such as bike lights, locks, and helmets. Attendees eagerly participated, hoping to win these valuable items that promote safe and sustainable biking.

In addition to these engaging activities, the event featured a demonstration on how to rack a bike to a bus, providing practical knowledge for integrating biking with public transportation. The bike parade was another crowd favorite, with participants of all ages proudly showcasing their decorated bikes and riding together in a joyful display of community spirit.

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The Everett Transportation Fair was not just about fun and games; it was a platform for education and advocacy, with dozens of organizations and community groups exhibiting. They focused on the intersections of individual, community, and environmental health, and transportation, reflecting  a collective effort to promote healthier and greener transportation options in Everett and beyond.

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The day was filled with a variety of activities that highlighted the diverse and healthy transportation alternatives available in Everett. The event kicked off with a 5K fun run, featuring enthusiastic runners from all over Everett, including members of the Everett XC team. Simultaneously, a guided bike tour took participants through the scenic Northern Strand Trail towards Encore, showcasing the beauty and accessibility of green transportation.


The arts and crafts table was a popular spot, especially among families. Children and adults alike enjoyed creating reflective gear to enhance safety while biking at night. This activity not only encouraged creativity but also emphasized the importance of visibility and safety on the road.

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The fair was also a gastronomic delight, with food vendors La Qchara and Mr. Gourmet Boston serving up delicious meals that kept everyone fueled and satisfied. The festive atmosphere was further enhanced by the beats of a lively DJ, who provided a soundtrack that kept energy levels high throughout the day.

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The spirit of the day was one of camaraderie, learning, and celebration. Attendees left feeling inspired to explore and adopt more sustainable modes of transportation, contributing to the health and vibrancy of their community. The event demonstrated the power of coming together to share resources, knowledge, and joy in the pursuit of a common goal.


The What Moves Everett Transportation Fair was a testament to the success of community-driven initiatives in promoting sustainable living. Green Streets Initiative is grateful to everyone who participated and contributed to making this event a memorable and impactful experience. We look forward to continuing our work and seeing the positive changes inspired by this incredible day.

Video from Event Day:

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Click here to see the City's Mayor's Facebook page's fabulous pictures of the event!


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