To understand people who shop by bike in Cambridge and inspire others to join them, Green Streets collaborated with Cambridge Bicycle Safety and interviewed folks in and around Cambridge who run everyday errands on bike. Enjoy snippets of their stories below. (They're each 30 seconds or less!)
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Jacklyn: Most efficient

Alice: ... and it's fun!

John: Like filling a car's trunk with groceries

Yash: Cambridge is bike -friendly

Jill: Can't imagine life without it!

Sunny: Convenience

Jon: It makes me happy.

Benjamin: Car too expensive

Sarah: Such a great area
for it!

Wallace: Contribute to the local community

Michal: 95% of shopping is
by bike

Michael: I like popping into
random businesses

David: Pick up a bike and just... go!

Kevin: Go for the short 

Janie: It's a blast!

Lauren: Do several errands at the same time

“Now in my early 70s, my bike is how I get to appointments, to classes, and errands”



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For more information on how to outfit yourself to shop by bike, reach out to Mark Boswell, a member of Cambridge Bicycle Safety, the Cambridge Bicycle Committee, and a League of American Cyclists certified instructor.

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Wondering what the impact of bike infrastructure like protected bike lanes is on business? Here is a compendium of the research.


What Moves People Who Shop by Bike
in Cambridge?

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