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What moves your organization?

The way people commute can powerfully impact your organization's success in attracting, connecting, and retaining members.

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We offer an engaging program that will make your community members excited to be part of your organization.

What We Provide

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Inspiration: Videos

Video Interviews so you can display your car-light commuters on public/private webpages and in new hires’ info packages to encourage connections and commuting mentoring among your community.

Bike Fixing

Facilitation: Support

modifying your organization’s transportation policies/benefits and providing networking and education that inspire members towards more sustainable, healthier commuting that align with organization’s values.

Business Meeting

Data: Surveys

Baseline and post-project surveys so you can understand employees’ commuting habits and gauge intervention impacts. These stats can be incorporated into your organization’s video webpage.

Who can benefit from this program?


Mayors’ offices 

City and state agencies

Colleges and universities

Volunteer organizations

Transportation management associations

Schools and after- school programs

Religious groups

Any other membership-based groups/teams

How can this program help?

Promoting sustainable commuting can be a boon to all kinds of organizations.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, member and staff retention is something many organizations have struggled with. Sharing commuting stories and perspectives, and possible opportunities to commute together builds community, camaraderie, and connection, all of which improve staff retention and loyalty. 

All organizations’ promoting of sustainable commuting leads to staff and community members who are healthier, happier, more resilient and optimistic, less stressed and more connected with each other, while also lowering their (and your organization’s) carbon footprint, parking needs, and transportation expenses. 

Why Green Streets?


Since 2006, Green Streets has helped thousands of people, dozens of organizations, and many communities understand and benefit from healthy, car-light commuting and travel, involving all modes from transit, carpooling and biking to walking and even running. We help enable people to go from “we should” travel more sustainably to “we get to”, making new friends and increasing their happiness.

Excited to bring this to your organization?


Reach out to us at jkatzchristy@gogreenstreets.org to tell us more about your organization's needs so we can provide information on costs and how we can customize our approach for you.