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"What Moves Us": How Driving a Bus Inspired Me

My name is Harry Hull, and I am an intern for the Green Streets Initiative. I grew up in Hingham, MA, and I am now a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying economics, political science, and business. Going to college, I knew I wanted to work with some kind of sustainable initiative, but I did not have any specific sector in mind. This changed quickly when I began working as a bus driver for the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority.

I’ve always known about the benefits of public transit to a community, but seeing these benefits first hand completely reconstructed my perspective of its importance. The PVTA acts as the transportation backbone for much of the Amherst community, ranging from students to community members. Contributing to such an essential aspect of the community has been more enriching than I ever imagined, and this experience led to me deciding to work with organizations dedicated to advocating for public transit and other non-car based forms of transportation.

Naturally, this ambition caused me to cross paths with the Green Streets Initiative. Since becoming an intern at Green Streets, seeing the passion and dedication this organization has put into projects, such as What Moves Us, has genuinely inspired me. I have always made a conscious effort to utilize eco-friendly methods of transportation, but seeing so many individuals share their biking and transit stories has made me want to strive for even more green improvement in my personal life.

Non-car based methods of transportation are healthy for the individuals, communities, and the environment, so having the opportunity to work with an organization rooted in health and empathy has been illuminating, and has left me feeling grateful. Working with Green Streets has given me the ability to contribute towards initiatives that I wholeheartedly believe in, and I cannot wait to participate in educating and inspiring even more individuals about the benefits of eco-friendly transportation.

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