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What Moves Us: Clean Transportation Meets Corporate Sustainability

Hello! My name is Daniel Macomber, and I’m a Marketing and Media Design intern with the Green Streets Initiative. I’m an incoming junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, double majoring in Marketing and English. 

The first time I ever rode the MBTA, I was on my way to a Red Sox game with my older brother. I was amazed that a train so close to home could transport me right into the heart of a city that, to my young mind, seemed so far away. The experience ignited in me a passion for urban transportation and its transformative and progressive power. 

My journey into the world of sustainability began when I landed a role as a marketing writer and tech intern for a solar power company based in New England. This experience was illuminating for me, sparking my passion for green marketing. It was inspiring to work for a company dedicated to sustainability and environmentalism, and it opened my eyes to the significant impact that businesses can have on promoting clean energy solutions.

While pursuing my business degree, I find myself questioning the traditional career paths that lay ahead. Many of these paths seem focused on profit over purpose, and I struggle to see how they contribute to the greater good of society. This conflict in values leads me to seek out opportunities that align with my morals and desire to make a positive impact.

When I discovered the Green Streets Initiative and learned about their mission to improve the health of communities and individuals through clean transportation methods, I knew I had found a position I could excel in. The idea of promoting sustainable transportation options spoke to me, and I was eager to contribute to an organization that prioritizes both environmental sustainability and community well-being, especially in an area local to so much of my family.

As a proud Massachusetts native, working for a non-profit based in Cambridge felt like the perfect fit. The Green Streets Initiative’s commitment to fostering a car-light lifestyle to enhance the quality of life for residents is a tangible, and reputable cause. I am inspired by all efforts towards inclusivity, and Green Streets commitment to the environment is bolstered by their aim towards equality. 

So far, interning at Green Streets has already strengthened my belief that the work I do should be impactful and meaningful. My studies in business, combined with my passion for environmental issues, have thrusted me towards a career focused on sustainability initiatives. I am committed to using my skills and experience to promote environmentally sound practices within the business world.

Long term, I envision a career where I can continue to advocate for sustainable solutions within the business world. Whether through green marketing, clean energy, or sustainable transportation, I am dedicated to contributing to a future where businesses play a pivotal role in creating a healthier planet.

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