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Rainy Weather Commuting Gear

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Bicycle Belle sells sophisticated YAKKAY helmets with great brims, Proviz - World's No. 1 Hi Viz Sports Brand reflective, waterproof, and slick jackets, and Cleverhood rain capes. Anyone have experience with these products, rain umbrellas like Senzumbrellas, or other methods to walk to transit or bike to work in rain and stay dry, comfy, and looking great?

I have been researching ways for urban commuters including cyclists to stay dry and gorgeous when commuting in the rain on days like this Friday's Walk/Ride Days! Have you ever tried LEAFXPRO, Dryve:, or the umbrella holder?

"Umbrellas" for bikes keep cyclists dry in rain, gales, and storm. A Portugese engineer cam up with the design, which can withstand crosswinds of more than 50 mph (80 kph) because of it's aerodynamic shape. DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

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