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October 2018 Walk/Ride Day Newsletter

Hello Green Streets friends!

Friday, October 26 is Walk/Ride Day! No matter your transportation style, make sure to check-in (or “log”) your commute any day through October 29. Check-in to enter the raffle, access retail rewards and - NEW THIS MONTH ! - receive $30  from Nift to shop locally.

Check-in Raffle Prizes

  • 3 cases of delicious Pricklee Superfruit Water (delivered to your workplace)

  • EVERYONE who checks in receives $30 from Nift gifts to shop at a participating retail store in your zip code (virtual gift to be sent via email with your consent)

  • For August, September and October loggers only, a Micro Kickboard adult scooter

  • For our Connecticut participants: free bike tune up and $50 at Devils Gear in New Haven

Check-in Questions of the Month

  • Nift gifts opt-in

  • What would motivate you to carpool? Eg. knowing it would be with a co-worker or someone from your community, driver gets paid, flexible carpool commitment (only when you need it, or only one-way), priority or subsidized parking at your workplace, more HOV lanes, mobile app with automated matching based on destination?

October Walk/Ride Day Theme: Alternative car travel with a focus on carpooling!

The City of Boston’s goal is to grow carpooling by half (just under 8% carpool to the city). How can we help more people carpool? We asked over 200 of Walk/Ride Day participants who have logged a carpool commute and here is a sample of their responses:

“Partial parking reimbursement incentive for those who carpool”

“Better carpool matching technology”

“Nothing will convince people. It’s more of a personal choice to save money/make parking easier both at work and returning home”

“Tax credits for families who keep only one car and make an effort to make it work”

Carpool matching is getting easier with the introduction of mobile apps such as tripBuddy, a new Massachusetts start-up dedicated to addressing the Boston area’s congestion challenges by matching individuals from the same community (workplace, church, club etc.) based on destination. Key aspects of their service that we like include its flexibility (i.e. not being tied to a set schedule) and the automated payments provided to the driver after every ride. Green Streets is excited to be partnering with tripBuddy to bring carpooling to our workplaces. Please let us know if you are interested!

Events (Many more listed here!)

Pre Walk/Ride Day

Walk/Ride Day - October 26

  • All Day: Free yoga classes, free ice cream, free coffee, and other free and discounted goodies throughout our region

  • Starting at 7am: Free Pancake Breakfast at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop in Jamaica Plain

  • 8 - 9am: Somerville Bike Committee / Whole Foods Commuter Breakfast on Beacon St

  • 11am - 2pm: Public Lunchtime Walk/Ride Day Event at Cambridge City Hall

  • 10am - 5pm: Free electric bike demos and trials at Superpedestrian’s Cambridge HQ (and every Friday!)

Post Walk/Ride Day

Featured Sponsors

Thinking about switching to solar power? Josh Lapin, founder of Synesthesia Solar, has pledged to donate $500 to support Green Streets for each home-owning Walk/Ride Day participant or friend of Green Streets who switches to solar with him. Just fill out this brief form and Josh will reach out to help you explore solar options:


Use the Green Gas Card next time you purchase gas and offset your vehicle’s emissions while also supporting local organizations like ours. Find out more here.


Pricklee is a new Massachusetts-based beverage company started by two pharmacists who wanted to bring the restorative benefits of Prickly Pears to the world. Their delicious drink has no artificial sweeteners and just 50 calories

And, of course, thank you to our retail partners, raffle donors, and ongoing sponsors!

Green Streets Updates

Ongoing Surveys on Transportation

Cambridge Initiative to provide feedback for the Better Bus Project

Call for Board Members and Interns

Green Streets is growing its Board of Directors. If you are eager to influence strategy and programming at Green Streets and would like to see more active and sustainable commuting in your community, consider applying for a Board position. Applications will be accepted through October 31. Learn more here.

Green Streets is looking for a nonprofit management intern for the year (or a semester). Send your resume and interest to

Walk/Ride Days are an opportunity to discuss and experiment with your commute once a month or to celebrate your normal commute. Simply logging a commute is the most important action to your workplace’s leaderboard rank and enters you into a raffle for fabulous prizes from over 100 local retailers.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@WalkRideDays) for more theme-related facts, cartoons and stories. Share your Walk/Ride Day photos and stories with us by tagging #walkridedays or #walkrideday on social media.

Have a great rest of your day, week, and weekend, and please stay in touch!

Janie Katz-Christy, Director

Sophie Schmitt, Associate Director

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