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January Walk/Ride Day News

A frozen Charles River, January 23, 2019

The sun will return on January 25 for Walk Ride Day! Commuting may have been a challenge for many of you this week. How have you adjusted? Let us know when you log your commute (between January 21 and January 28).

If you are walking, remember to adjust your walk (walk like a Penguin!), your clothing and footwear.

Monthly Raffle and Retail Rewards

The prizes this month include 5 Blue Bike passes and a $10 Charlie Card! And don’t forget to check out our retail partners for discounts and freebies. Use your check-in confirmation email or print coupons from the website.

Commuter Challenge Registration and 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Our team is gearing up for the 2019 Green Streets Commuter Challenge and we hope you are too.

Verify that your workplace is registered and ready to go! If not, we have plenty of info on our website and you can register here.

We are also seeking sponsors at all levels. Check out our sponsorship brochure here.

Mass DOT’s draft Bicycle Transportation Plan

Mass DOT would like your feedback on its draft Bicycle Transportation Plan! The plan demonstrates the importance of cycling to our transportation landscape and includes great infographics and maps of cycling routes.

Please stay in touch and have a great February!

Janie Katz-Christy, Director

Sophie Schmitt, Associate Director

And the rest of the Green Street team!

617-299-1872 (office)

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