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Green Streets Initiative Wins Greenovate Boston's Sustainable Mobility Award

Green Streets Initiative is thrilled to have won Greenovate Boston's Sustainable Mobility Award!

Question to Jessica Feldish, Greenovate Boston Program Manager: "Can you tell me any more about why we were selected and who was on the selection team? We would love to share with our fans and others!"

Answer: "Congratulations again! The selection for the award was done by an internal committee of City of Boston policy and program experts who work on our City's Climate Action Plan. They decided that your submission best represented the description of leadership for Boston's goal for sustainable mobility. As a reminder, the prompt was: 'Boston and its community continues to rise to the challenge of balancing our historic landscape with the need to adapt and evolve to our changing mobility needs. Public transportation, walking, biking, carpooling, car-sharing, and ride-sharing are all pieces of the puzzle that will help Boston meet its climate and sustainability goals.'"


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