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Giving Tuesday 2023 Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in Green Streets!

We are excited to share our recent projects, as well as our hopes and plans for the coming year. Your Giving Tuesday donation will help us use our unique approach to inspire more people to try using fun and healthy - and environmentally friendly - transportation in their travels!

Our goal this season is to raise $10,000. The Green Streets Board is proud to offer matching donations up to $2,000. Help us reach our goal!

Scroll down to read more about

  • Recent projects

  • Updates and congratulations to our Board Members

  • How your financial support helps green commuters

  • Your thoughts on which What Moves Us projects you’d like to see!



What Moves Everett Schools, Phase 2

We are pleased to share a new, updated version of last Spring’s What Moves Everett Schools study. Beginning in Spring 2023, we worked with the City of Everett to survey Everett students about their commutes to school, as well as speak with them and Everett school teachers and staff about the joys and challenges they face in commuting around Everett. Phase 2 includes an updated design of the project webpage, integrating snippets of the people we spoke with and highlights from the study. Spring ’24 Everett City-Wide Transportation Event

What Moves Everett Schools is already having an impact. We are again working with the City of Everett Planning Department to design and coordinate a city-wide What Moves Everett Event for next year to focus on green transportation.


What Moves Dorchester Cyclists

Green Streets recently teamed up with A Better City TMA to spearhead a What Moves Dorchester Cyclists project in light of the October 2023 MBTA Red Line shutdown. The project interviewed people who bike on Blue Bikes or their own personal bikes through Dorchester - or who would like to bike there! - about the highs and lows of biking, the changes they would like to see in Dorchester, and if they complement biking with public transportation.

Stay tuned for the launch of this project!


What Moves Frisoli Youth Center

This past summer, Green Streets worked with Frisoli Youth Center in Cambridge, MA, where we hosted a one-day event with Frisoli youth aged 11-18, thanks to generous individual donations and a grant from the Cambridge Public Health Department. Frisoli Youth had the opportunity to interview each other about the ways in which they get around, the challenges they face, the changes they would like to see, and what excites them about modes like biking and public transit. We also conducted an online survey which involved both students at the Frisoli Youth Center and other Cambridge youth in the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program, about their summertime and general commuting habits. Check out their testimonies and survey data here.


  • Keith Anderson (our newest Board Member) launched a new company called Decarbonize Commerce!

  • Patty Nolan (Treasurer) won her reelection campaign for Cambridge City Council!

  • Jen Rapaport (Clerk) and Sophie Schmitt (Vice President) are moving on to new professional opportunities!

  • Janie Katz-Christy (me!) (President): I am so proud of the work that Green Streets has done in the past year developing new ways to share transportation insights and needs from real people, with our same person-focused approach. We hope to grow these efforts, with the help of this great board, our amazing staff, and our larger network of supporters like you.

If you would like to join our board or help us in any other way, please reach out!


Our work enables organizations and government agencies to learn more about the communities they serve. We ensure that the voices and experiences of community members who use various “car-light” transportation are heard, and the public can get to know who these people are who are “under the bike helmet,” in the carpool, or at the bus stop. While we are currently working in the greater Boston, we are happy to consider projects beyond.

Your donation or sponsorship will enable us to reach out to other diverse communities and showcase their voices to the decision-makers that serve them. Specific ways that we have enhanced our work, thanks to generous donations, include:

  • Availability of our outreach materials in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole,

  • Engaging further with community members at in-person events in underserved communities,

  • Conducting on-site interviews with commuters,

  • Hiring and mentoring interns,

  • Hosting one-day events with communities not otherwise heard from, including youth and seniors.


Let us know what kinds of projects you would like to help support! Which of our ideas for the near future would you find most interesting?:

  • What Moves Mayors who Travel in Green Ways

  • What Moves Cyclists of Color…

  • What Moves Seniors…

  • What Moves People with Pets...

  • What Moves [Your city/town, company, religious community]...

Send feedback to me or We’d love to hear from you!

We look forward to exploring what the future holds for Green Streets!



PS: Of course, please share this blog post with friends and acquaintances who would appreciate hearing about or supporting our work!

Janie Katz-Christy, Director

(Pronouns: she, her, hers)

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