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April Walk/Ride Day Newsletter

April 26 is Walk/Ride Day! No matter your transportation style, make sure to check-in (or “log”) your commute any day between April 22 and April 29 to enter the raffle & redeem retail rewards.

Welcome new and returning workplaces to our 8th annual Commuter Challenge! The goal of the Challenge is to start conversations about transportation in your workplace, to evaluate/explore your commuting options and to educate colleagues about how you get around. After logging a commute take a look at the 2019 leaderboard to see how your workplace is doing in the competition.

Check-in Raffle Prizes

Check-in Questions of the Month

  • How did you commute in elementary school and in high school?

  • Which of the following commuter benefits would you like to see offered by your employer and/or which ones are already offered but could be improved/expanded?

Highlights from our Awards Ceremony

We had a tremendous awards celebration with many inspiring speakers, including the Mayors of Cambridge and Somerville, Jim Aloisi, former MA Secretary of Transportation, and Bill Kane, EVP of BioMed Realty. Check out our fantastic pictures of the awardees and watch the videos of our speakers.

April’s Theme: Walking

This month’s transportation theme is walking. Walking is the most cost-effective form of transportation and is great for your body and mind; a recent study from the London School of Economics finds that taking a brisk walk for 30+ minutes/day can be better mentally and physically than going to a gym. While many of us are able to incorporate a walk into our work commute, we know that not all Boston and area neighborhoods are safe and enticing for walking yet. Fortunately, Boston and surrounding cities are working to improve pedestrian infrastructure and “sidewalk equity”.

Walkable cities are not only good for our health, they are also more productive economically than non-walkable areas and they allow those who can’t or shouldn’t drive (the elderly and children) to get around and stay active. The organization Strong Towns nicely summarizes the benefits of a walkable city. If you are interested in working on making your neighborhood more walkable, get in touch with Walk Boston, a nonprofit that advocates for safer and easier walking in Massachusetts.

Green Streets Walking Stats

45% of Green Streets’ 4,000 participants logged a walking commute in 2018 though over 70% are likely to have incorporated some walking in combination with a transit commute

  • The average time spent walking to and from work is just over 30 minutes, 40 minutes for those who consider walking to be their main mode (18% of 2018 participants)

  • Our top towns based on the share of participants who reported walking commutes are Cambridge, Brookline, Malden and Salem

  • Our top walking commute of 2018 comes from a Department of Public Health staff member who logged 4 hours of walking for a round trip commute between Codman Square and Downtown Boston (almost 12 miles!)

Help us Spread the Word about Walk/Ride Day

Share a picture of yourself on social media with one of these signs or your own (based on how you plan to commute on Friday, or another day near then). Post to social media and tag #walkrideday!

We will raffle off 5 bike benefits stickers to all those who submit a photo with a flyer.

Featured Sponsors and Donors

The Cambridge Community Foundation recently awarded Green Streets with a grant to bring Walk/Ride Day programming to Cambridge housing projects.

Pemberton Marketplace in Cambridge offers a unique combination of specialty groceries, a garden center and premium gifts.

Our Silver sponsors Natixis and partner Social(K) offer 401(K) solutions that invest solely in companies meeting high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and impact standards.

And, of course, thank you to our retail partners, raffle donors, and ongoing sponsors!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@WalkRideDays) for more theme-related facts, cartoons and stories. Share your commuting photos and stories with us on our website or by tagging #walkridedays or #walkrideday on social media.

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