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Walk/Ride Days

This video has been deleted.

Walk/Ride Days are Green Streets' signature approach to increasing the use of active and sustainable transportation through virtual and community events involving everyone. Walk/Ride Day is the last Friday of every month, but events take place throughout the week.

Walk/Ride Days are opportunities to change up a commute and try out an alternative, or a day to reflect on the impact of the daily commute on finances, health, and the environment.

Walk/Ride Days are unique for 3 main reasons

Online Check-In

The event occurs on a monthly basis using our online "check-in" process. Participants complete a 90 second check-in, telling how they usually commute and how they commute (or plan to commute) on or around Walk/Ride Day. The check-in offers alternative route and mode options and calculates emissions saved  and calories burned.

Everyone participates

Whether you drive, walk, bike, take public transit, or a combination - or don't travel because you telecommute - Green Streets wants you involved. Widespread inclusion raises awareness and creates a more holistic view of the community of commuters.

Worldly reach

Walk/Ride Day began in Cambridge, MA, and is currently celebrated throughout greater Boston. It has also inspired similar efforts in Portland, Maine; Concord, NH; West Bridgford, Nottingham, England; and elsewhere. The Walk/Ride Day Challenge is now ready to be spread anywhere and everywhere.

Additional information

Mark your calendar

Walk/Ride Days happen on the last Friday of every month

How you can participate

Employee of a company that wants to be part of the Commuter Challenge: Register here

Individual who just wants to check-in for Walk/Ride Days or

Employee of a company that is already a participating member of the Commuter Challenge: Log your commute

Join in on the fun

Every month we work with local community agencies and retailers to put on events surrounding each month's Walk/Ride Day. You can check out our Facebook page for more information.

Major benefits

Besides giving you a chance to improve your commute, you will also automatically be entered to win a monthly raffle - and you will get access to retail discounts. Results from 7 Walk/Ride Days (April through October) show that Walk/Ride Days and the Commuter Challenge encourage more active commuting, transit-riding and less SOV driving.

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