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Summer 2023 Update

Above: Photos from the What Moves Frisoli Youth Center (Cambridge) event in July.

Photo credit: Sam Katz-Christy.

Thank you for your interest in Green Streets’ work to inspire greener and healthier commuting! This summer, we have many exciting What Moves Us projects to share. What Moves Us is Green Streets’ signature campaign that showcases how and why commuters travel using the transportation modes that they do. Green Streets leads these projects in all sorts of communities, from workplaces to youth centers and school districts, and many more.

As always, our goals with these projects are to

  1. Inspire individuals to make a switch to environmentally-friendly, healthy modes of commuting by seeing others who look like them discuss the how’s and why’s of traveling in those ways.

  2. Improve infrastructure and resources for climate-friendly and healthy transportation by promoting understanding users of these modes.

  3. Elevate and amplify the voices of people who travel by bus, train, bicycle, walking, running, scooters, rollerblades, wheelchairs, and those who use bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, train tracks, and bus stops. These users are less commonly heard from, and include youth, seniors, parents, people with disabilities, non-car owners, and those with less economic resources.



What Moves Frisoli Youth Center was funded by Cambridge Public Health Department’s Healthy Eating Active Minds (HEAL) grant. It included a transportation survey of students and staff and a one-day event where youth (and a few staff!) shared on video their transportation joys, hurdles, and tips. Youth also enjoyed refreshments and participated in a Transportation Jeopardy game. Check out the webpage with snippets of these conversations, key data, and photos from the event!

Students interviewing each other.

Photo credit: Sam Katz-Christy.


What Moves Everett Schools is a 4-part project that includes a survey of Everett’s 7,000+ K-12 students, in-depth transportation conversations with 19 commuters in Everett, a webpage with snippets of these conversations, and a detailed analysis of all the data collected. The City is currently exploring ways to implement the project’s recommendations!

A preview of the What Moves Everett Schools webpage.


What Moves Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) is integrating our What Moves Us approach ​into the Cambridge Health Alliance’s clinic and office locations in Malden, MA. Former intern Harry Hull is spearheading the project, using snippets of transportation conversations with CHA community members in a new transportation resources webpage specific to CHA. Stay tuned for the completion of this project – we can’t wait to share the great work that Harry and his colleagues at CHA are doing.

If you like what we do...

  1. Hire Us! If your school, religious community, employer, or other organization would benefit from a project with Green Streets - and, really, whose would not?!! - feel free to reach out to us by email or schedule an informational meeting.

  2. Donate! We at Green Streets, from our hard-working, passionate interns to our very dedicated Board members continue to work tirelessly to make these unique and powerful projects a reality. Our fees only cover a portion of the costs of the work we do, so we rely on donations, sponsorships, and other funding from people like you! So, if you’re able, please support our work!

  3. Follow us on social media! Share your thoughts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! In addition, peek at the ongoing What Moves Green Streets project to get to know the interns, staff, and board members!

Again, thank you for your interest in our organization! We are excited and look forward to exploring what the future holds for Green Streets, and we hope you’ll stick along for the ride!



Janie Katz-Christy, Director

(Pronouns: she, her, hers)

Cambridge, MA

617-299-1872 (o) 617-645-9678 (m)

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