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Top 10 Reasons to Check-In NOW for today's Walk/Ride Day!

1. You might win a cool raffle prize.

2. You can get a free yoga class, free ice cream, and dozens of other rewards.

3. Your opinions matter and will be counted.

4. Your workplace will appreciate it.

5. Your community will appreciate it.

6. Your kids (or someone else's) will appreciate it.

7. Your body will appreciate it, regardless of the way you commute.

8. You can brag and inspire others.

9. You can keep us honest.

10. We won't harass you on Monday!

If you are in the Boston area, maybe we'll see you at a Walk/Ride Day event or visiting a retail partner.

Share widely and enjoy your weekend!


P.S. Please consider donating to Green Streets this month! For any donation over $10, you will be entered into a raffle for a Micro Kickboard Scooter.

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