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Strong Start in April to Kick-Off the 2018 Walk/Ride Day Challenge

April 27, 2018 cared the first Walk/Ride Day of the 7th annual Walk/Ride Day Challenge. The Challenge includes 32 workplaces and over 30,000 working professionals in the Boston-area taking part in a friendly competition to celebrate and encourage sustainable commuting once a month, on the last Friday of the month, between April and October.

New to the Challenge this year are Cambridge-based HubSpot and Aveo Oncology. Joining for the first time in Boston are Carbonite and five of the Federal Buildings (JFK, O'Neill, Coast Guard, Moakley Court House, and the McCormack US Post Office and Courthouse). In Connecticut, three of the federal buildings will be taking part, starting in May.

In April, close to 1,600 checked in a work commute and over 10% made a healthy and/or green change, including 23% of drivers. The April theme, walking, encouraged 62 individuals to walk more. Biking also increased by 12%.

The monthly raffle rewarded two participants with a pair of their choice of shoes from Earth Brands, a Waltham-based shoe company specializing in ergonomic and elegant shoes for women. The winners were Donna from Miller Dyer Spears Architects and Kristine from Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Special congratulations to the following workplaces for their April contributions:

  • HubSpot for producing this super fun and engaging video and coming in first place for healthy switches!

  • Carbonite and Aveo, first year participants, for coming in second for employee participation!

  • Miller Dyer Spears for leading in participation among small workplaces AND achieving number one in healthy switches

  • VHB for reaching 1st place in participation among large companies

  • EnerNOC for reaching 1st place in participation and for bringing in over 100 check-ins for Mumbai and Sao Paolo

These rankings are just for April and much can change over the next six months. Be sure to keep up to date on rankings and stats via our live leaderboard. For more information about taking part in the Workplace Challenge, click here or write to

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