Participate as an Individual

To participate in Walk/Ride Days as an individual, you just need 90 seconds to log your commute by filling in our online check-in form. It's that simple! 

The check-in process asks what method of transportation you normally use and the transportation method you used on Walk/Ride Day. We use the information to measure shifts towards greener and healthier modes and to share data and maps at the zip code level. In addition to checking in, join us at events in Boston, Cambridge and beyond. Check out our Facebook page for the latest events. 

Additional information

Mark your calendar

Walk/Ride Days happen on the last Friday of every month

How you can participate

You can always log your commute during the check-in period that surrounds the Walk/Ride Day on the last Friday of every month

Log your commute

Join in on the fun

Every month we work with local community agencies and retailers to put on events surrounding each month's Walk/Ride Day. You can check out our Facebook page for more information.

Major benefits

Besides giving you a chance to improve your commute, you will also automatically be entered to win a monthly raffle - and you will get access to retail discounts. Results from 7 Walk/Ride Days (April through October) show that Walk/Ride Days and the Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge encourage more active commuting, transit-riding and less SOV driving.