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Walk/Ride Days




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750  fewer car trips

29% increase in carpooling

37% of drivers made a healthy change

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9% increase in walking

Walking regularly is one of the best ways to stay physically and mentally fit. Recent studies show that brisk walking for 30+ minutes/day can be better than going to a gym.

13% increase in biking

Bike commuters tend be happier and healthier compared to drivers and transit users according to many studies. While cycling on city streets is often perceived as too dangerous, research is showing that the benefits of cycling outweigh the risks of injury as well as the harm from vehicle emissions. 

8% increase in transit use

Transit riders are more active than drivers and they are often more relaxed and productive on their commute. Public transportation also brings safety and social benefits. Driving makes us all safer and transit riders tend to be more trusting of others compared to drivers. 

9,000 kg decrease in C02 emissions

Mode shifts through 7 Walk/Ride Days led to emissions reductions of 9,000Kg, the equivalent of eliminating 2 cars over an entire year (12,000 average mileage)! On an annual basis, this amounts to 100 cars off the road. 

Giving commuters a voice

Walk/Ride Days also give participants a channel to share their perspectives, stories, and hopes with other commuters and decision-makers. Our Questions-of-the-Month, which appears on the check-in form, asks about favorite commuter memories and employer transportation benefits

Read about the participants whose lives have improved through Walk/Ride days

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