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Empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to become car-light

Motivating change, once a month
How it works
Reaching everyone

Walk/Ride Days inspire exploration, understanding, and change among all kinds of commuters and community members.

Walk/Ride Days have helped me see myself as part of a bike commuting community rather than an individual making the decision to bike to work.

Fun Cycle

I've been biking to work since 2010 but this program has helped incentivize my behavior even more.


Hipster Guy

I'd be walking to work whether or not there were Walk/Ride Days. It is kind of a nice affirmation of what I'm already doing.

Crossing the Bridge

I've been running to work for over 10 years, so I feel that the Walk/Ride Days are well overdue as a way to recognize the efforts of those of us who have been making healthy commutes.


Crossing the Bridge

I check-in because it’s a wonderful way to examine your own commuting habits and get a sense of how your peers and those you work with get around everyday.

Steering Wheel


Man Driving in Car

I'm from rural Wisconsin where you need a car to get everywhere, and I purposely focused my job search on large cities with public transportation because I didn't want a car. Walk/Ride Days always make me feel good about that decision.

Waiting for the Subway

Transit users

Waiting for the Subway

I take the time that I spend walking to unwind from the day and it automatically fits in three miles of exercise to my day, which is great when I generally sit for a large portion of the rest of it!

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Wellbeing advocates

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Walk/Ride Days help me clear my head and provide me with personal time to reflect.

Walk/ride day inspires and reminds me to be green not only through walking places but also by recycling and being conscious about electricity and water use.



Green Ivy from the Roof

Walk/Ride Days helped me reach out to other people at work and encourage them to commute more sustainably.

It has given me an opportunity to talk with colleagues about transportation, environment, and lifestyle issues.

Outdoor Study Group

Transportation curious

Outdoor Study Group

Walk/Ride days have made me question my decision to work so far away from home as driving/sitting in traffic is so stressful for me.

As a result of Walk/Ride Days I now alternate walking and taking a bus instead of driving 5 days a week.I also try to walk more on weekends instead of driving.

Skateboarding at Night


Skateboarding at Night

Looking at the map of my commute I realize that it's not that far, which is why I started running to and from work 1-2 times a week.

Giving commuters a voice

Not only leading to measurable change and awareness, Walk/Ride Days also give participants a channel to share their advice, perspectives, stories, and hopes with other commuters, employers, and decision-makers. Our Questions-of-the-Month, which appear on the check-in form, ask about anything from favorite bus ride memories to best employer transportation benefit. See Impact page for more.

July QOM Results (3).png

Favorite bus ride memories

From 261 participants


Bonding with riders


Travel experience


Don't like or didn't ride the bus


Memorable driver


Funny situation


Convenience or reliability


Scenic beauty


Act of kindness

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